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Helping 100k Veterans Lose 2 Million Pounds

Helping 100k Veterans Lose 2 Million Pounds


I promise this list won’t suck. SIgn up NOW. Get Your Weekly Dose of Fitness Knowledge to make you Hard To Kill.
I promise this list won’t suck. SIgn up NOW. Get Your Weekly Dose of Fitness Knowledge to make you Hard To Kill.

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alpha program

Alpha Military Performance Program

This 3-month program is designed for the aspiring elite warfighter. You will be followed by our team of expert coaches and join a group of like-minded individuals.


The BE.A.S.T. Body Blueprint

This program is designed for the busy veteran to naturally stimulate more TESTOSTERONE production, shed unwanted belly fat and feel like a BEAST again.


Operation Aegis

A training plan meant for military professionals that are beginning their military careers. This plan is meant to develop cardiovascular and muscular endurance and prevent injuries.

alpha program

Running Performance (Beginner)

This is an 8-week program designed to improve your cardiovascular endurance and get you to successfully complete a 5km run.

alpha program

At Home Bodyweight

No gym? No problem! Stay fit. Workout at home and maintain your strength and cardiovascular fitness with this bodyweight-only program.

alpha program

Big Booty Blast

You want to have more junk in your trunk? Step right up and get to work with my 60-day, home-based Big Booty Blast program.



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The Lions Are Home From War And We’re Not Assimilating Anymore

LCol (ret’d) Stuart Scheller blew up the internet last year when he decided to publicly criticize his Marine Corps chain of command in a Facebook video; while in uniform! As you can imagine, the internet exploded. We sat down to chat about this, his push for...

Fuel Your Workouts With These Simple 7 Tips

Finding a way to fuel your workouts with these simple 7 tips is super beneficial. When we get into a new structure and routine, we all want to do things right to achieve our goals. We try to do everything at once and a lot of us have an « all or nothing » mentality....

Do These 5 Things In Your 40s To Boost Your Testosterone

It turns out getting fit and strong as f*ck is pretty straight forward. Do these 5 things in your 40s to boost your testosterone levels. I've been coaching veterans for a while now. Most are not out of shape but wondering why all their training efforts in the gym and...

Learn From A Delta Force Warrior How To Heal From PTSD

Tom Satterly is a retired Command Sgt Maj of the Delta Force. His 25 year career spans the entire War on Terror. He has fought in every major theatre of war including Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. During his time fighting in Somalia which turned out to be the...

The Hard To Kill Podcast Episode 117 – Nico Maier

Nico is an author and elite mindset performance coach for youth athletes in Australia.  He's coached numerous athletes that have reached the Olympics and pro sports in the U.S.  His most recent endeavour is his new book, The Decentralized Mind, which addresses how to...

Episode 116 – Dave Morrow

Find out why counting calories doesn't work, in the latest episode of The Hard To Kill Podcast. Over 90% of my male athletes come to me eating far too little. This is likely you too. Find out how to fix it in this episode. Looking for a community of like minded...

Episode 115

A quick round up of my week regarding how I manage to stay fit while in my 40s and some shout outs to some awesome people in the h2k community

Episode 114 – Hal Hughes

This is Hal's second time on the podcast and we take a stab at figuring out why we're so anxious and broken from the COVID era. His insights are profound and his years working as a psychotherapist with the first-responder and military communities gives him a unique...

Episode 113 – Walk For The Wounded

Today we have Dylan Pace and Scott Simpson, 2 of 4 co-founders of the Walk For The Wounded: a fundraising event for military and first responder mental health through supporting Wounded Warriors Canada. This is a 2 day march from CFB Petawawa to Ottawa.  Find out how...

Episode 112 – Cody & Braden of World Financial Group

Your financial health is a massive component of your overall health. Over 50% of North Americans are experiencing financial stress and this is only going to get worse. Cody and Braden are financial brokers from World Financial Group and are going to explain the basics...

Episode 111 – LP Boudreault

You're a warfighter? Want to get to the next level of fitness and do some awesome shit while you serve? Find out the 3 best strength exercises you can do to get you to the next level.  Learn about the Alpha Military Performance program with its creator, LP Boudreault,...

Episode 110 – Jenna Carlton

I'm tired of millennials being shit on for being lazy and unproductive. I didn't see many boomers fighting all the wars for the last 20 years. Jenna Carlton is a US Navy vet and creator of "The Millennial Veteran" FB group and podcast that addresses issues facing the...


I promise this list won’t suck. SIgn up NOW. Get Your Weekly Dose of Fitness Knowledge to make you Hard To Kill.