Hi, I’m Dave and I know what it’s like to go from proud warfighter to fat, tired and in pain…

Once I left the Army, being strong, confident and lean again seemed like a far fetched pipe dream. I was constantly held back by my injuries and negative thoughts. Simply ‘hoping’ my injuries would resolve themselves without taking any action.

It left me packing on the pounds and chugging beers to cope with my misery. I’d miss work and pass up on playing with my kids, because I just didn’t feel like it. Then it hit me..I knew I had to make some kind of change. I couldn’t possibly live the rest of my life ‘hoping’ for things to get better.

Pulling the trigger so to speak…I finally took some ACTION

It was hard at first, but I taught myself how to be the master of my own mindset and physical wellbeing again. And I want you to know…You can do it too. My system was pretty simple (like most things that work haha). It addressed my common injuries and quickly reduced the pain.

Once the pain has gone all my workouts become much easier. I actually started enjoying working out again. With the new found mobility, shedding body fat became easier too.

Now my mission is to help as many sheepdogs stay in the fight. Whether active duty or retired, our communities need us to be there for them and not being hard to kill isn’t an option for us. 

I’ve worked with dozens of sheepdogs that want to transform their bodies and minds but just haven’t been able to due to injuries or limiting beliefs. While I don’t claim to know everything, my ongoing work as a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and Precision Nutrition coach led me to create a method that does work, and it’s not about eating less and PT’ing yourself to death.

This is my calling to help our community stay as healthy as possible and make us realize that the value you bring to your country is immense. With that said, your body has to be able to endure and thrive. That’s why my book, The Nimble Warrior and podcast The HRD2KILL Podcast, have consistently ranked high on Amazon and iTunes since fitness is so much more than just exercise and healthy eating. It’s about respecting yourself more, valuing your service and thriving in the life you’re living. 

True physical change starts with the mind and is rooted in your heart. Once you understand why you want to accomplish your goals, and why you deserve it, anything is possible!

If this is the year you want to make lasting changes and assert your position as a role model at home, I’m here to help.