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Dave Morrow CD, M.A., BSc., BEd.

Dave created his company, Dave Morrow PT, from the ashes of his military and teaching careers. 

Having serious back and knee injuries and undiagnosed mental health issues stemming from his mission in Afghanistan, his teaching career became untenable, then he got fired from a tech job with a second baby on the way; his whole world was spinning out of control. 

In this moment of desperation, he wrote his first book, The Nimble Warrior. From there he began conducting fitness seminars at local Army reserve units and started creating a name for himself in the online personal training world by helping a handful of soldiers attain their goals of passing special forces selection. 

Since getting out of the hole and forging a business he’s proud of, he’s helped thousands of veterans live fitter, leaner, happier lives. 

His Hard To Kill Podcast is the world’s best Army Veteran Podcast and is ranked #2 overall in Canadian Military Podcasts. 



Leader of the “Veteran Renaissance”

Dave is keenly aware of the potential that the veteran community has. This is why he has dedicated his life to improving the physical health of the veteran community so that they can look good, feel good and then do good.

A healthy veteran is one that can thrive and give back to their towns, churches, cities and countries with a global world-view that most folks could only dream of. Dave coined the term “Veteran Renaissance” during a 2021 Hard to Kill Podcast episode, reviving and surpassing ideas and achievements of antiquity. The Veteran Renaissance symbolizes the beginning of a new era of Veteran Entrepreneurs, Captains of Industry, Tycoons, and Veteran Politicians.

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Best Army Veteran Podcast 2022

The only Canadian based military podcast to have won the distinguished award of Best Army Veteran Podcast of 2022, according to The Broken Jarhead Podcast Awards. 


Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor

Brainz Magazine is a global digital magazine that invites entrepreneurs, coaches, and business experts to share their knowledge and stories with the world. Contributors are hand-picked for their relevant industry knowledge, game-changing attitudes and expertise.


Most Motivational Personal Fitness Instructor in Canada 2021

Honoured to have been awarded the, Most Motivational Personal Fitness Instructor Award in Canada for 2021, thanks to GHP Fitness.

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The Nimble Warrior - Canada's #1 Book For Veteran Chronic Pain Management

Follow along my step-by-step guide on how I got from being stuck in bed for days to competing in the Ironman after the Army said I’d never able to lift more than 20kg again!

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The A.T.H.E.N.A. Program For Female CAF Veterans

Canada’s first and only, online fitness program for retired women of the CAF. This program is fully funded by Veterans Affairs Canada and is transforming the lives of our athletes from coast to coast. 

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LEBERT FITNESS Brand Ambassador

I’m a HUGE fan of home based workouts and I only trust LEBERT FITNESS for my home gym needs. Canadian owned and veteran friendly company. Use code: MORROW for a 15% discount

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