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Helping 100k Veterans Lose 2 Million Pounds

Helping 100k Veterans Lose 2 Million Pounds

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Dave Morrow

Dave Morrow

CEO of Personal Development

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If you’re a veteran, you’ll want to hear what I have to say. I’ve spent years figuring out why I was fat, tired and depressed.

Based on the stats, you’re likely all the above too.

Instead of telling you to sort yourself out and commit to a brutal PT program, why don’t you learn WHY certain aspects of your PT and health are important and THEN decide on the HOW towards a more fulfilling and longer life?

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alpha program

Alpha Military Performance Program

This 3-month program is designed for the aspiring elite warfighter. You will be followed by our team of expert coaches and join a group of like-minded individuals.


The BE.A.S.T. Body Blueprint

This program is designed for the busy veteran to naturally stimulate more TESTOSTERONE production, shed unwanted belly fat and feel like a BEAST again.


Operation Aegis

A training plan meant for military professionals that are beginning their military careers. This plan is meant to develop cardiovascular and muscular endurance and prevent injuries.

alpha program

Running Performance (Beginner)

This is an 8-week program designed to improve your cardiovascular endurance and get you to successfully complete a 5km run.

alpha program

At Home Bodyweight

No gym? No problem! Stay fit. Workout at home and maintain your strength and cardiovascular fitness with this bodyweight-only program.

alpha program

Big Booty Blast

You want to have more junk in your trunk? Step right up and get to work with my 60-day, home-based Big Booty Blast program.



Awesome Workouts. Amazing App

I ran a half marathon this morning! In 85 days we went from no activity to running 22km. From 214 lbs to 185 lbs!

Mark B

CAF Veteran

I listened to what you told me to do and you helped me go from 248 lbs to 204 lbs. Thanks, Dave.

Peter D.

CAF Veteran, Investment Banker

Your program allowed me to be more efficient and effective in the integration of all the pillars of health. The science you brought to your program enabled my success. I was down just under 15 lbs in 90 days!

Mark G.

CAF Veteran, Entrepreneur

Down 15lbs! Any veteran looking for a fresh start to feeling better with less pain, even with our injuries, should give Dave a shout.

Leo S.

CAF Veteran

I’ve seen such an improvement in my overall health! My mental health has increased for the better as well. My wife said she’s seen such a massive improvement in my overall health and loves the “new” me.

Donald H.

CAF Veteran

I killed it… the best scores in the platoon on the PT test. Thanks a lot! My cardio and endurance were nowhere near this good before I started with you.

Chris C.

CAF Member

The sciatica protocol you gave me allowed me to start lifting heavier again. I had neglected it for so long because of the pain.

Dave M.


Dave is the real deal. I improved my
strength, flexibility and most importantly, my self-confidence.

Carlos Z.

CAF Veteran

Learn About The Health Challenges Relevant To You

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