Episode 6 of the HRD2KILL Podcast is out and I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Karagioules about his new book, The Heart of a Champion and what he’s learned along the way.

Steve was basically raised in the Army. His years spent in the Canadian Grenadier Guard Cadet Corps gave him a skill set that he still uses to this day when practicing leadership and teamwork. Looking after your troops is his biggest takeaway from his years as a cadet NCO and has served him well in his corporate career.

His book, The Heart of a Champion, describes the 5 Heartbeats that make successful individuals successful. From his extensive research, Steve has been able to distill 5 main traits or habits that drive success and they are:

  • Champions have fuel for their fire
  • Champions believe in themselves
  • Champions grind
  • Champions never settle
  • Champions are obsessed with being a champion

Take a look at this list and see which you can identify with. Do these traits or habits resonate with you? Do they characterize what you’re doing right now in order to achieve the level of success you desire?

I highly recommend you listen to the podcast in its entirety and then get yourself a copy of Steve’s book on Amazon and vote for his book at the Author Academy Awards, for best self help book of 2019!

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