Be Mindful Like A Navy SEAL

jon macaskill

Jon is a former Navy SEAL Commander and helped coordinate the rescue op of Marcus Luttrell from the infamous “Lone Survivor” patrol. In this episode we learn about his experiences and how to be mindful like a Navy SEAL.

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The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

I don’t know what it is with these Navy SEALs. They seem to be all over my social media radar (and on my podcast); putting out books, launching awesome podcasts and solving some of the planet’s serious problems. I guess this is par for the course for being one of the most elite warfighters the world has ever created.

Jon is no exception to this rule. Just type his name into Google (seriously, do it). He’s 3 pages deep!

Like all great stories, they are born out of hardship and struggle. Jon’s is particularly topical since most of you reading this will likely have read or watched the story of Operation Red Wings or as it’s more commonly known, “The Lone Survivor“. This is the story of the lone survivor, Marcus Luttrell, of that infamous patrol in Afghanistan. Luttrell was the lone survivor of a  four man recce patrol and is an incredible tale of heroism and survival.

Jon had an integral role in all of that.

He was one of the officers of that team, actually. Like he said in our podcast,

“Me and Murph were trading off missions…I looked at it and where we were going to was risky as all hell. The planning I didn’t feel had been fully done…I voiced my concern and I was pulled off.”

The War Within

As you can imagine, Jon was devastated when the SITREPs started coming into the JOC. These were his men and his brothers and he felt an awful sense of guilt for not having lead this mission. He spent days awake taking stimulants to coordinate the rescue op for Luttrell and his fallen brothers.

Upon returning home, he didn’t take any time to grieve.

He didn’t talk about it with his then wife. He just boxed it up and paid his respects to his fallen brothers’ families and carried on, “like a good SEAL”.

This started to take its toll and he knew he needed to address his survivor guilt or it would consume him.

You can find out his path and how he began to heal by DOWNLOADING and SUBSCRIBING to the HRD2KILL Podcast.

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Jon’s current focus is spreading the benefits of mindfulness practices and hosts a great podcast called, Men Talking Mindfulness. 

Find him on IG @themindfulfrogman


Train Hard, Fight Easy



dave morrowDave is a retired infantry officer and Afghanistan war veteran. He’s the creator of the HRD2KILL training program that was built on the principles that got him from not being able to get out of bed to competing in the Crossfit Open, Spartan Races and the Montreal Gaelic Athletics Association. You can find more mobility based exercises in his new book, “The Nimble Warrior”, now available on Apple Books and Amazon or read his new HRD2KILL Blog



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