Welcome back, fellow truth-seekers and headphone enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the murky waters of the Canadian Military’s mandate order and exposing the shenanigans like never before. Get ready to have your mind blown!

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Stay Informed or Stay in the Dark: COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements Revealed!

Hold on to your tin foil hats, folks! We’ve got our hands on a top-secret document outlining the CAF’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Blended advice from medical and other departments to help guide the Chief of Defence Staff in making a decision on the vax mandates.  What was evident, right off the bat, was that the briefing note dated to back in February of 2021 recommended that NO vaccine mandate be implemented.

The science they referenced didn’t seem like the science we were being told was “safe and effective” though. The government’s science made it clear that vaccines weren’t able to defend against the spread of the virus and that current public health measures seem to be working.

“So currently there’s no supporting evidence to suggest that there is a need for all CAF members to be vaccinated…Therefore, implying that this is required compliance with universality of service is a bona fide occupational requirement at this time would be incorrect.” – Dave Morrow (ref: MGERG decision)


But then, a briefing note in November of 2021 came to light and the information still reflected the same recommendation, DON’T IMPOSE A VACCINE MANDATE.

But the CDS, in true Canadian, “I know what’s best fashion”, disregarded the advice from his top medical advisors, knowing that the order would be a human rights infringement; and issued it anyways. 


“I conclude that the limitation of the Griever’s right to liberty and security of the person by the Canadian Armed Forces vaccination policy is not in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice because the policy in some respects is arbitrary, overly broad and disproportionate.”— Dave Morrow (ref: MGERC decision)

But hey, at least they’re considering science, right?


Charter Rights vs. American Dream

Did you know that Canadians have their very own Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Mind-blowing, I know. It’s actually enshrined in law and no common law can infringe upon it. The American Bill of Rights is NOT part of the Constitution so doesn’t hold the same weight. But I’m all about that American Bill of Rights and Constitution action; Americans literally die for their Constitution because if that doesn’t mean anything, then what does? But hey, maybe it’s time we showed some love to our charter too. After all, it’s been violated left, right, and center by this mandate debacle.

To highlight this point we’ve got our own Breaking Bad CDS…! Move over, Walter White, because we’ve got a new chemist in town: General Wayne Eyre. Our fearless leader knowingly issued an unlawful command regarding COVID-19 vaccinations (for the greater good, of course), and things have gone haywire since then. The military tribunal has deemed the mandates arbitrary, overly broad, and disproportionate. The Troops have sued him and his cronies for half a billion dollars and he doesn’t have a Mexican cartel to help bail him out of this one, either. 

Hiding the Truth, Canadian Government Style:

The government playbook strikes again! Secret memos, massaged data, and “winning communication strategies” – it’s like a game of “Hide and Seek” with our health. They wanted to keep us in the dark about the serious health risks and risk-reward ratios of COVID-19 vaccines.

But guess what?

We’ve got the receipts, folks!

Grab some popcorn and settle in, because we’re revisiting some classic episodes.

Ep. 129: The collapse of the CAF, morale and the military ethos.

Ep. 144: Dallas Alexander and the great vaccine escape. Podcast drama, sending lawyer letters… it’s like the military has turned into a reality TV show.


Hold onto your hats, my friends, because the Canadian Military circus just keeps on giving. From violated charters rights to unlawful commands, this mandate order goes against everything the CAF stands for. It’s time to expose the madness, demand accountability, and reclaim our rights. Stay tuned, because the truth is out there, and we’re here to uncover it all on The Hard To Kill Podcast!

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Dave Morrow [00:00:00]:

The Canadian Air Forces has really screwed the pooch on this one. And in my hand, I’m holding a briefing note from A ATIP request that is freaking glowing. It’s so radioactive. Stay tuned to what I’m talking about and how this relates to the COVID mandates that have been imposed on the Canadian forces and what it means for you long term. Stay tuned. All right, folks. I wanted to do this episode for a while, and I’ve been putting it off, putting it off, putting it off because I have a hard time wrapping my head around the level of corruption that is going on in our own government, and I want to do it justice. But I think I’ve been forced my hand has been forced to put this out because of the events and the news reports that are coming out fast and furious, and I think it’s only responsible to be doing it now.

Dave Morrow [00:01:09]:

Part of me, during the whole COVID thing, I lost a part of myself. During that, I went down a deep, dark hole, because going into COVID, I believed that the government had our best interests in mind. Coming out on the other side of the COVID crisis, I no longer have that belief, and that is something that has underpinned my entire life. It’s why I joined the forces. It’s why I went to war. I truly believed in whatever Canada represented, and unfortunately, I do not anymore. But on the bright side of that, I’m hoping that bringing things to light, exposing corruption where it needs to be exposed, and holding the standard that we once held of dignity, honor and respect is what I’m hoping to try to convey. Try to bring back as little as I can from a small audience like you that are listening.

Dave Morrow [00:02:12]:

So with that being said, in order to get around the Trudeau algorithm, you definitely need to subscribe, hit the bell and comment on this video. Share it widely with your friends, because if not, I’m just going to get drowned out by the algorithm and the way that they’re setting things up here in Canada. If you’re just tuning in and this is your first intro to What I’m All about, my goal is to help 100,000 veterans lose 2 million pounds. Really simple. I’m devoted to ensuring a healthier veteran community. Being a veteran myself, that has been the best part of my recovery, which is literally getting healthier. And it’s not just the mental health side. It’s the physical side.

Dave Morrow [00:02:48]:

It’s lifting the weights. It’s getting up early, doing the work, swinging the kettlebells, going for the swims, doing the events. That has made me significantly better and a better human being. And during the COVID crisis, I started out, timid, this is not going to be so bad. It’s two weeks. Why would the government want to go ahead and try and screw us over? Why would the government have somebody else’s interests in mind? I was still naive to the fact that the best interests of its citizens are not its priority. So going into that, I did a bunch of episodes. Grade nine biology, which I used to teach, is really straightforward.

Dave Morrow [00:03:33]:

Let’s go over some of the basic lessons of immunity. Let’s go over the basic idea of how viruses are spread, and let’s just have a chat, because it’s easy to panic about things, but let’s just use the scientific method here and the evidence that exists. So I did a bunch of episodes, so if we go through them all, I got episode 44, episode 656-871-7381, 828-612-2129 and 144. Now, starting at episode 44, I was just talking about sheltering in place and how this is a bad idea. You’re making people go on their back foot. You’re not allowing them to get aggressive, you’re not allowing them to be brave. You’re saying, no, the only thing you can do is shelter. And this was a concept that is very antithetical to being a soldier, especially when that’s deployed.

Dave Morrow [00:04:21]:

You always go out and patrol. It’s one of the principles of patrolling. You need to be aggressive, because if not psychologically, you start going into a bad place, then you might get bumped, then you might get mortared, and then all of a sudden, the enemy has the advantage. And in this case, the enemy was the virus, right? Telling people, no, you can’t even go outside your house. Going outside was a terrible idea. And then I started to realize people didn’t really appreciate the fact that I was talking about natural immunity, which is conferred whenever you survive a virus. It’s just what it is. Not conspiratorial, this gaslighting of no.

Dave Morrow [00:04:57]:

You’re doing it to protect your grandmother. I did not take a single to protect somebody else. When I was going to a foreign country that I could have got yellow fever. I wasn’t like, oh, I’m glad I’m getting this yellow fever. Other people don’t get the yellow fever. No, fuck that. I don’t want to get yellow fever. Jab that shit in my arm.

Dave Morrow [00:05:15]:

As I progressed, I got into episode 129, where I talked about the collapse of the calf and how this COVID stuff was starting to eviscerate morale and how leadership was being convinced to do things that was antithetical to the ethos of the military. And if you don’t stick to what the ethos of the military is, and its soul starts to fall apart, you end up with people leaving or you end up with disaffected people that are in the military. Either way, it’s not going to end up well. And then eventually, in episode 144, was basically the last episode where I talked about COVID was all about Dallas Alexander, who was on the Sean Ryan Show and briefly mentioned that his last day at the Hill at the Unit was precipitated by the fact that he didn’t want to take the I couldn’t believe it. And then the whole fiasco that ensued from his unit with lawyer letters to the Sean Ryan podcast was just I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. But I had to now grapple with the fact that there’s some kind of mind virus ideology that has gripped on to people in the highest places. And the idea that you’re looking out for your family, which is how they like to present the military, our Calf family, it’s not the case. That’s just a one liner.

Dave Morrow [00:06:45]:

In reality, your family, you respect each other’s opinions regardless if you agree with them or not. And you don’t cast them out and try to punish them and destroy their lives because you disagree with something like a medical procedure. So this got me fired up and I’ve been emotional about this for a long time and I’m trying to get as stoic as possible with this and try to identify where the emotions come from. This episode has taken me a while because of that. And so let’s get right into what is going on now and then we’ll get into what I have in my hand right now, which makes this so troubling. Okay, so the first thing that just came out was the Globe and bank sorry, the National Post. So I’m just going to open this up here so that I don’t trip on my words, actually corrections the Epoch Times. The epoch times.

Dave Morrow [00:07:46]:

And I’m sure this is going to be in some of the mainstream media, but it’s definitely not going to be on page one. Just FYI exclusive Canadian military’s COVID vaccine mandate, violated charter rights, grievance review committee fines. This in and of itself is a massive bombshell here in Canada. If you’re American and you’re listening to this, the Charter of Rights is the highest law of the land. It’s technically one step below God. The reason why it was written that way was so that it was not given to us by men, but by a higher power. The right of the individual was enshrined in law. The only issue is that if you break these quote unquote laws, it’s not punishable criminally.

Dave Morrow [00:08:42]:

Okay, I’m not going to get into the whole charter, but I’ve learned a lot about it in the last three years, which I wish myself and a lot of other Canadians knew a lot more about it growing up, especially from our school system. So one thing I respect about the Americans so much is that their Bill of Rights and the Constitution are documents you will die for here in Canada. Ours weren’t born out of blood, so we have a different perspective of them and therefore they were able to be trounced upon and discarded as if they didn’t matter. And this is so distressing because if we are not a country that abides by the rule of law, the highest law in the land, then what are we? And just to read a little bit of this report, so a military administrative Tribunal has found the Canadian Armed Forces Caf COVID-19 vaccine mandate violated the charter rights of members who refused vaccination and said the policy was arbitrary in some aspects and overly broad. I conclude that the limitation of the Griever’s right to liberty and security of the person by the Canadian Armed Forces vaccination policy is not in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice because the policy in some respects is arbitrary, overly broad and disproportionate, wrote Nina Frid of the military Grievances External Review Committee on May 30 decision. Therefore, I conclude that the Grievers rights protected under Section seven were infringed. So what this means is that he who commanded this committed a serious, a serious break breach of the Charter of Rights and it says so here. And who could that be that actually made this order that said, yes, let’s go with the mandate? Well, that’s the Chief of Defense Staff General Wayne Iyer in this document.

Dave Morrow [00:10:47]:

It makes it clear, General, Iyer issued an unlawful command. The remedy for this is that as Frid says, the Caf should declare that all CDs directives surrounding COVID-19 vaccination are invalid as well as rescind all administrative actions against members as a result of the directives. Some Grievers also request apologies from the CDs for the infringement on their fundamental rights. It is left to the CDs to issue such an apology if he believes it is appropriate to do so. Okay, I guess the ball is in the CDS’s court. Now he issued so the CDs is not a stupid man and I know he knew that he was breaking the law because I have the documents right here. So therefore he willingly broke the law to initiate a punitive action against his own troops. I cannot imagine a worse situation for the Canadian Armed Forces where the highest military officer is going after its own members based on an illegal order.

Dave Morrow [00:12:02]:

How do you generate trust and ensure morale from here on out? There’s more. The Privy Council, this just came out as well, issued a warning, okay, and I shouldn’t say the Privy Council issued a warning. There was a secret government memo that warned COVID-19 injuries and deaths could shake public trust. What does this mean? The actual data that they had on COVID injuries was massaged and made to feel less scary so that more people would take now I’m just going to read this. The memo highlighted the need for cautiously handling such incidents and employing winning communication strategies. So what this means is they knew that there were issues with the vet. They didn’t want people to know that there was a serious risk to your health and they also didn’t want you to know the risk reward ratio. Now what government that has your best interests in mind would ever do that? I am not a nefarious person.

Dave Morrow [00:13:24]:

I am not somebody that would want ill to befall my family or people that I love or that I even people. I don’t know you. I want you to be healthy. That implies that the government had some interest in making sure that you didn’t have all the information. This is a psychological operation. You can use all the winning communication strategies terminologies you want. This is essentially what we did when we were deployed to Afghanistan. You would take a story.

Dave Morrow [00:13:52]:

You would ensure that it reflects what you want to do and achieve the commander’s intent. You had to win the hearts and minds. Now this is being deployed against us to make decisions that are favorable for in this case. I don’t know. This is where the key bono aspect of things keeps on popping up. Why would you want to do this? They actively campaign to ensure that you did not get all the information. Why? That’s it. Why? And then let’s move on to James Top.

Dave Morrow [00:14:24]:

James Top, I had on the podcast a while back, episode was 122. James Top is a Warren officer that basically gave the middle finger to the calf and said, I’m not taking the shot. I’m a distinguished, decorated war veteran. I am going to fight this. And because of that, he’s being court martial. He walked across Canada, literally to bring awareness to this. I managed to talk to him while he was on the highway. He’s being court martialed.

Dave Morrow [00:14:56]:

His court martial date is November 6, 2023. So this isn’t over. It’s in New Westminster, BC. You can go online, type it into Google. You’ll find it. Canadian forces court martials. It’s public knowledge. And he’s charged with four counts against the National Defense Act, against conduct, the conduct unbecoming good order and discipline, whatever bullshit that is.

Dave Morrow [00:15:20]:

Right? I’m going to be curious to know because he’s forcing the court martial. He’s been wanting this for a while. Because in a court martial, you have to show your books. You have to bring your receipts. How is the Canadian armed forces going to muster a prosecution in a public domain when all of this information is out? It is going to be a complete and utter embarrassment for the Canadian armed forces because I have a feeling how this is going to turn out. It’s going to be a kangaroo court as military courts are. They’re not really based in rule of law. They’re extremely biased and their justice is not blind.

Dave Morrow [00:15:59]:

Okay? So therefore, you’re going to see on full display, and I encourage as many people as possible. There’s a link there that you can actually participate and watch the actual proceedings because it’s public unfold. Most Canadians need to be aware of this. There’s a lot of people that are going up for court martials. James Topp is one of them. And you definitely need to watch this because you need to see how this is going to unfold because it’s going to tell a lot about how your government sees people that dissent. So James, we got you back, buddy, at the Hard to Kill podcast. Love to have you back on another point.

Dave Morrow [00:16:32]:

I know things are tough for you, so keep on fighting the power, man. You’re a hero in my eyes. Okay, so let’s get now to the big bad briefing note. I’m biased, guys. I don’t know if this is obvious or not, but it’s because this angers me. This angers me. So I need to have somebody, if it’s you, great. Be able to look at this from an unbiased point of view.

Dave Morrow [00:17:00]:

I know that’s not necessarily the easiest thing. I was a former member of the military, Canadian. I have an opinion on what happened during the COVID mandate era. So therefore, when I read this, I immediately look at it from my biased point of view. So I’d love to have somebody look at this from an unbiased point of view. I guess maybe American that doesn’t really have an opinion on COVID that maybe wasn’t in the military. I’m going to house this on my Patreon page. So the link to the Patreon page is going to be here in the description and with any tier of support, I’m going to put a bunch of documents there.

Dave Morrow [00:17:34]:

You can read them all. So that’s going to be my, if you want to call it, gift to you. If you’re a Patreon member, there’s going to be a lot more detailed notes on this episode and everything that I’ve been talking about from the start. So let’s get into the salient points. So there’s actually two briefing notes here. One of the briefing notes is the one that was released to the media and reported on in 2022. I have the report here, it’s in the National Post. But the one I’m talking about is actually the one that was created before August.

Dave Morrow [00:18:10]:

And to put things in context, the Canadian armed forces and public service here in Canada instituted a COVID vaccine mandate in August of 2021. I have a briefing note here that goes back to March of 2021. There’s an interesting difference and I want to go over just some of the Salient points before I go into that difference. But the salient points for here or that. The briefing note is very careful to point out that mandatory vaccination would be a human rights infringement. Next, the Canadian forces already had good uptake upwards of like 90%. Well, we’re soldiers, right? If the government says do this, we do it. It’s just part of what we do.

Dave Morrow [00:19:00]:

So are we surprised? No. Um, the or the virus I should say was not deemed was not really deemed to be an operational threat. Meaning this was not going to be something that’s going to knock out a bunch of our soldiers and make them unable to deploy. And public service was encouraged to model itself after the Canadian armed forces, meaning do not impose a mandate, say, hey, we’re going to just nudge you in the right direction. This is what we like you to do, but there’s going to be no consequences if you don’t. I’m kind of pissed at this too because I was a public servant at the time. I worked for at Department of National Defense at this exact moment. I literally worked from home by myself and the mandate came from me and they wanted me to swear allegiance to the king.

Dave Morrow [00:20:01]:

I said, that’s absurd, I’m not giving you my medical data. I’m not. They said, well I guess you’re going to have to go and that is so fundamentally wrong, man. It’s so wrong that you made things contingent on a medical procedure in order to stay employed. And then lastly, the first briefing note that I’m going to talk about here, the amazing thing here was that he approved to not, and I say that again, General IR approved not to go ahead with a vaccine mandate. So let’s look a little deeper as to what this briefing note actually says. So let’s get into it. Let’s open this up.

Dave Morrow [00:20:53]:

This is a big juicy document and I have to thank a fellow veteran friend on Instagram for sending this my way, really appreciate it. And this is where the rubber hits the road I guess. The background here and this was developed in March. Like I said, the briefing note for the CDs, the title is COVID-19 vaccination requirements for the Caf and the intent of this briefing note is to provide the CDs with blended advice from medical and then redacted for the Caf to meet the strategic objectives of reference. A I’m assuming it’s Medical and the other departments that exist in like Transport Canada, you name it, don’t know. The advice is guided by the best available scientific and medical evidence with consideration for forced health protection, operations and readiness levels. So I’m just going to skip ahead to some of the paras that are relevant. Para four assuming the COVID-19 vaccine intentions of the Caf population are reflective of Canadian society, upwards of 88% of Caf members may be willing to be vaccinated based on recent polling data.

Dave Morrow [00:22:09]:

That said, it is important to be mindful of previous Caf vaccination campaigns including H One, N one campaign which yielded lower vaccine uptakes than expected. Okay, cool, so they’re modeling that, I get it. Options. During the course of the analysis, the following spectrum of options have been considered a nor formal requirement for Vaccination, which is the current approach vaccination as a requirement for deployment, vaccination as a requirement for all expeditionary operations, vaccination as a requirement driven by force readiness levels, and vaccination as requirement to meet universality of service for all Caf members. Now I highlighted this one paris Six medical the global pursuit of achieving protection from COVID-19 and of mitigating the impacts of the disease through vaccination remains in its early stages. The extent of which these vaccines protect a recipient against serious illness from COVID-19 is unknown. They knew, but what were they telling us? No, they’re safe and effective. They’re going to stop the transmission.

Dave Morrow [00:23:09]:

Yeah, you’re going to be good to go. You just need to get it so that’s funny. They knew there was unknown. Oh, but we were told that we were crazy if we said, we don’t know what the without sufficient evidence that vaccines eliminate transmission of the virus, PHMS and quarantine protocols will continue to be required. And then para eight, vaccination is considered a medical intervention. It is the professional, legal, and ethical responsibility of healthcare providers to ensure that the process of informed consent is followed prior to any medical intervention. Let me say that again. It is the responsibility of healthcare providers to ensure that the process of informed consent is followed prior to any medical intervention, including the administration of a vaccine.

Dave Morrow [00:23:59]:

Informed consent means that the patient must voluntarily affirm their consent, must have had the capacity to consent, and that said consent was fully informed. It should be noted that informed consent is an ongoing process wherein an individual can elect to revoke their consent at any moment. Resuming. All right, moving on to para 17. Options centered on mandatory vaccination of Caf members presents challenges in the public environment, given ongoing litigation related to previous Caf requirements around mephliquin. What? I was talking about this. Why? Because trust had been broken years ago in Afghanistan, in Bosnia, all the places in Africa where we were deployed, and dudes got mefliquin poisoned. There’s a massive class action lawsuit.

Dave Morrow [00:25:02]:

So when the government and the military is like, here, take this drug troop, and you’re like, wait, hold on a SEC. All those guys that went crazy, how do I know that this isn’t going to fuck me up? Shut the fuck up. Take your medicine. I don’t know about that. You said that before. I know that there’s a problem with the other one. Maybe I don’t want to take this one. Oh, boy.

Dave Morrow [00:25:24]:

Did you guys shit the bed again? What a surprise. I’m glad this was in here. Options sort of required vaccination to meet universality of service may still be perceived as mandatory, given perceived career consequences for those who are hesitant or resistant. Boom. There we go. It’s in the briefing note. You can’t say, oh, well, I didn’t know you’re coercing your troops to do something that they don’t want. They’ve already said, yeah, I give my life to King Country for the duration of my time here.

Dave Morrow [00:26:01]:

I am serving my country. Respect the service. Don’t coerce them to do anything outside of serving. Giving orders is one thing. Coercing them to sacrifice their own health from something that may not provide any benefit is a very, very troubling thing. So therefore, yeah, if you had a little bit of hesitancy, you were absolutely right. And the government and the calf knew. So, moving on, there was a bunch of options that were presented which I think were pretty interesting.

Dave Morrow [00:26:42]:

The options that were presented to General Ire, there was option A, B and C, where’s option A, bunch of redacted stuff. This option would benefit from a proactive COVID-19 vaccination outreach program led by the King Forces Health where Cap members will be required to attend information center sessions and afforded the opportunity to refuse vaccination in a private setting. Okay. Option b. The requirement for COVID-19 vaccination for specific tasks, locations, and remissions would be established through an evidence based risk assessment. The focus would include domestic and expeditionary operations as well as out of country postings. With this option, Caf members who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 would be assessed as not meeting the requirement for a specific task, deployment and or posting. The potential career and follow on financial impact of these instances would increase members willingness to accept a COVID-19 vaccine, though this could increase members willingness to accept the vaccine.

Dave Morrow [00:27:35]:

This could be perceived as coercion on some level, or conversely, the Caf could be perceived as offering financial career incentives for those Caf members willing to accept vaccination. Yet this approach would align with current practice related to other Caf medical interventions such as vaccination against yellow fever for operations in select locations. I mentioned yellow fever already. All right, option C and D. This would be Caf members ordered to receive COVID-19 vaccinations based on requirement of all expeditionary or domestic operations or force readiness levels, respectively. And option E, this would see Caf members ordered to receive COVID-19 vaccinations as a requirement for universality of service. Basically, if you don’t get it, you’re out. So the recommendation was option B.

Dave Morrow [00:28:13]:

So currently there’s no supporting evidence to suggest that there is a need for all Caf members to be vaccinated. Shocking. Therefore, implying that this is required compliance with universality of service is a bona fide occupational requirement at this time would be incorrect. Based on the limited data available on the authorized COVID-19 vaccines, it is recommended that there be no formal requirement for the vaccination of Caf members except in prospective circumstances where a member is to be deployed and then a bunch of different categories were outlined there. So the conclusion in all circumstances, the Caf COVID-19 immunization campaign needs to be guided by the best scientific and medical evidence justified by clear rationale administered in accordance with best medical practices. To the extent to which the current available vaccines protect a recipient against serious illness from COVID-19 is currently unknown. Man that unknown again. But they were so sure they were safe and effective.

Dave Morrow [00:29:09]:

Effective until more data and evidence is available that allows for the understanding of the effectiveness, reduction in infectivity, and duration of immunity for each of the survive of available vaccines, public health minister and quarantine protocols should continue. Public health ministers and quarantine protocols should continue even in a scenario with 100% calf vaccine uptake, which that doesn’t make any sense either, but at least some of the stuff in here is based in rationality and I have the signature here. Approved or not approved by Lieutenant General ACDs. Wayne R. Signed 10 March 21 by him right here. Approved. Option B. Option B was the one that was approved.

Dave Morrow [00:30:04]:

Okay. Option B was the one approved in March. Let that sink in for a little bit. Option B. Option B was there’s no supporting evidence to suggest that there needs to be a vaccine mandate and implying that this is required for universality of service doesn’t make any sense. So let’s just go with the current policy. We’re doing pretty good. Let’s keep on rolling.

Dave Morrow [00:30:34]:

Well, that all changed in August with this briefing note. And from here, the CDs decided to go ahead and say, yeah, you know what? Everybody needs to be vaccinated. Everybody. Young, old, even if you have religious apprehensions reasons for getting it, medical reasons, fuck you, you’re getting it or you’re out. And the article that’s here again, top general was warned military’s COVID vaccine mandate was unnecessary, possibly illegal. That’s in this one too. That’s in this one too. I put a little mark here just to kind of go over one of the things that kind of blew me away in this one from August.

Dave Morrow [00:31:33]:

Current epidemiological modeling suggests that there lacks strong evidence to require vaccination of the remaining percentage of unvaccinated Calf members for the purpose of forced health protection, as there already exists a high level of protection afforded by CAF’s vaccine uptake rate. Additionally, medical ethical restrictions prevent Caf health services personnel from administering vaccines without the informed consent of the recipients. Remember what we talked about, informed consent. Coercion of Caf members to accept vaccination under threat of military discipline would not constitute informed consent. Oh shit. Oh shit. You done fucked up, CDs. You done fucked up.

Dave Morrow [00:32:18]:

And this was published October 24, 2022. This was in the national post mainstream media. So this isn’t news to me. I saw this, I was like, oh, what’s news to me is that even in March he was told, hey, don’t go ahead with this. What changed from him to approve in March not to go ahead with a mandate to August to go ahead with a mandate that he knew was illegal? He knew it was illegal. So we always need to come back to the question key Bono. So I’m searching and maybe you should too. Let’s fire up the ATEP request machine.

Dave Morrow [00:33:11]:

What document convinced the CDs or what meeting convinced the CDs to flip flop? I can tell you right now, military officers having been one, don’t flip flop. So the CDs knew this was an unlawful order, but he carried it out anyways. Now we need to find out why. What was his motivation to issue an unlawful order knowing that it was unlawful? That’s where we have to get to the bottom of this. This is part of the corruption. This is part of the infiltration of terrible ideologies into the highest forms of government. I. Don’t know what to do about this, but it needs to be exposed at some level.

Dave Morrow [00:34:02]:

If you know the answer, please reach out to me. But ultimately, those of you guys that have been suffering under this draconian, totalitarian like regime and their mandates over the last few years, the tide is turning. And thank you for holding the line and eating the shit, because now the truth is going to come to light. James Top is going to be on court martial. We’re going to see a lot out of that. Those individuals now have in writing that it was against your human rights to be let go and released from the forces. The tide is turning, and it’s all because of you guys holding the line and sticking to your principles, and I honor you for that and I respect the shit out of you. So that’s it for me, guys.

Dave Morrow [00:34:49]:

I hope you enjoyed this episode. There’s going to be more to follow, and I really hope that this sheds a lot of light. So make sure to share this widely with your friends, especially those that are on the fence with this whole COVID-19 nonsense. We need to make sure that the truth comes out and not just surround it around left wing, right wing politics has nothing to do with that. The truth is the truth. That’s not your truth. It’s not my truth. It’s the truth.

Dave Morrow [00:35:12]:

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