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scott mccarthyScott is a member of the CAF and pro podcaster. His Peak Performance Leadership podcast discusses the new ways to become the best leader that you can be. We spent this episode discussing the reasons why YOU need to start podcasting and how to set one up on a barebones budget. Read on to find your discount code for a juicy rebate on his new podcasting course as well…

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Scott is a down to earth, very practical human being and I like that a lot. This is evident in his approach to podcasting. One of the key take- aways, here, was to just get the damn thing started. You know why? Because, “NOBODY is going to listen to it,” anyways. Therefore, take the risk, record on your shitty headphones in a dark alley, it doesn’t matter. Just get it up and running.

I like this philosophy because it’s exactly how mine got started. It was on a whim and I figured, “I like talking to smart people, I don’t have a job, what have I got to lose?”

Quit Bitching and Just Publish

My first episode was pretty crap tbh. Not the content, Pat was a sweetheart lol. But the audio was just us talking into the laptop like two

pat burkhard
Episode 1 – Pat Burkhard

baboons all the while having loud gym fans in the background and no real format other than us chatting. However, with that first episode, I’ve grown to 55 with this pod and have learned a shit ton more.

We go into some of the facts surrounding podcasting like, did you know that there are only approximately 2 million podcasts?

BUT only about 800k of them are “active”. With hundreds of millions of blogs out there but barely a million podcasts – do the math. If you’re an entrepreneur or have something you want to say and be heard, you’re still very early in the game.

Need Help Starting?

You can check out Scott’s new podcast course here.

Get a juicy discount for the course just for listening to the HRD2KILL Podcast by typing in “HRD2KILL” at purchase to get yourself 15% off.

I know I can’t wait to get started working on the course myself….

Let us know in the comments what’s your new podcast going to be about and we’ll be sure to help promote it.


Show Notes

dave morrowDave is a retired infantry officer and Afghanistan war veteran. He’s the creator of the HRD2KILL training program that was built on the principles that got him from not being able to get out of bed to competing in the Crossfit Open, Spartan Races and the Montreal Gaelic Athletics Association. You can find more mobility based exercises in his new book, “The Nimble Warrior”, now available on Apple Books and Amazon or read his new HRD2KILL Blog

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