Conquer Alcoholism

Dr. Robb Kelly is your man if you want to conquer alcoholism. Having helped thousands of people defeat this deadly disease at the Robb Kelly Recovery Group, his approach is unconventional but effective. Robb is by far one of the most interesting human beings I’ve had the honour of interviewing for the podcast and his story is incredible. Be sure to listen all the way through for an incredible surprise for all you listeners out there.

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Alcohol Is A Dangerous Beast

Robb recounts his first taste of alcohol at the age of 9. He claims this is when his addiction started. Growing up in a musical family lead him to being on stage and that’s where he had his first drink to calm his nerves. Needless to say he loved it, unlike most children who have their first sip and spit it out.

“It was like the whole world had changed.”

Robb went on to become an accomplished musician, played with Queen, Elton John and would pull in 1000 pounds an hour that helped him pay for Oxford med school.

The Addictive Brain

“You can’t drink yourself into being an alcoholic”

robb kelly

According to Robb, alcoholism is not a volume problem. The Mayo Clinic states that, for men,  more than 4 drinks a day and more than 14 drinks per week  put you at risk for alcoholism, but in reality it’s a combination of two factors:

  1. Born with an addictive brain
  2. Childhood trauma

According to Robb, self sabotaging neural pathways is the addictive brain. The hypothalamus controls our primal urges. But for the alcoholic, rather than getting the normal signal to eat and drink water, it tells them to drink alcohol.

“All signals are being sent to have a drink.”

Parenting can affect the addictive brain of some children too. Not feeling worthy is the driving force. So being an asshole to your kids can increase the expression of the addictive brain as well.

Crystal Alcoholic

In one of Robb’s accounts of an alcoholic binge, he describes his need to drink at all costs, putting aside his professional and family obligations. But as he went to grab a drink of vodka, he had a remarkable revelation. Rather than just drink from the bottle he grabbed a crystal glass.


“Alcoholics drink from the bottle”

Alcoholism acts differently than other addictions.

His belief is that alcoholism is born into you. Other drugs take volume. Alcohol consumption is different, on your first drink you say ‘wow’.

7.3 Seconds

7.3 seconds is his greatest research revelation. From his years of studying alcoholism, he has found that an alcoholic has 7.3 seconds to make the change from self harm to self care to stop yourself from drinking. This is where Robb’s method has its greatest effect.

His insights are many but he’s bang on when he states,

“Alcoholism is the only self diagnosed disease in the world”

As he makes clear, no test can prove that you’re an alcoholic, only you can have that self-realization.

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