Don’t Be A Fitness Douche

shawn mozen

Shawn is the grandaddy of kettlebells in Canada. He’s released DVDs, a workbook and offers instructor certification all over Canada. He’s recognized world wide as an authority on kettlebells, martial arts and functional fitness and it’s an honour to have him on the podcast. His take on Instagram fitness influencers – don’t be a fitness douche.

Shawn is very active in training the sheepdog community and trains individuals on how to prepare as a generalist with a strong focus on proper movement patterns.


You can find him:

On the web:

On IG:@Agatsufitness

He really recommends that you read:

My Life At The Limit, by Ryan Messner; The Secret Life of Houdini, by William Kalouche; Making Mavericks, by Frosty.

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