How To Prevent Concussions

Sylvain Mancuso is a Canadian osteopath and creator of Concussion Heroes, a Moncton NB based company. He has developed the exclusive Play-Ready™ program that is human-centric and provides the framework of how to prevent concussions by improving the ability of athletes to sustain an impact. His 30-day Bootcamp will train your child to be faster, stronger and safer playing any impact sports.


What Are mTBIs?

A mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) is the medical term to describe a concussion. Odds are, yourself or someone you know has suffered one in their lifetime. They can be absolutely devastating.

sylvain mancuso

A concussion is no fun. It’s a violent, torsional force applied to your head which causes your brain to bounce around in your brain bucket a bit. Now, as Sylvain points out in this episode, the actual mechanism isn’t 100% confirmed. It’s definitely not a “brain bruise” and the brain doesn’t seem to even touch the sides of the skull upon impact. From his research, the fluid surrounding the brain is getting sloshed around so fast that the G forces causes neurons to start to leak minerals.

Therefore a solid smash on the top of your head probably won’t cause a concussion but a hard push, a punch to the jaw, a Karl G round or soccer ball to the head may all cause an mTBI.

How To Prevent Them?

Sylvain and his Play-Ready™ program have developed a process that helps athletes get prepared for contact sport. His protocol on how to prevent concussions is based upon the following:

  • Neck strength;
  • Peripheral vision training;
  • Baseline testing; and
  • Concussion injury awareness

In this episode, he gets into greater detail regarding each of these bullet points but as a major takeaway, every athlete entering into any contact sport should be tracking a protocol similar to his. WHY?

In a study in The Journal of Pediatrics, high school athletes with concussion had prolonged memory dysfunction compared with college athletes with concussion. High school athletes performed significantly worse than age-matched control subjects at 7 days after injury.

This implies long-term cognitive deficits. Let that sink in.

Now, more than ever, we have the knowledge and the tools to help out our children and young athletes compete safely. Make sure you and your kids know how to protect their brain buckets.


Train Hard, Fight Easy

Dave is a retired infantry officer and Afghanistan war veteran. He’s the creator of the HRD2KILL training program that was built on the principles that got him from not being able to get out of bed to competing in the Crossfit Open, Spartan Races and the Montreal Gaelic Athletics Association. You can find more mobility based exercises in his new book, “The Nimble Warrior”, now available on Amazon or tune into his new HRD2KILL Podcast

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