Dallas Alexander, former JTF2 operator and member of the team that is attributed with the longest sniper kill in history, is in hot water with his former unit and the CAF. The Canadian government doesn’t want you to know this dirty secret. 


Supposedly, he released classified info on The Shawn Ryan Show but it’s pretty clear the CAF is just pissed that Dallas Alexander called out their piss poor COVID policies. Find out my take on this whole gong show and what it means for you, your health and the morale of the CAF.

The King Owns What?


In a bizarre and embarrassing display of Canadian incompetence, CANSOF sent Shawn Ryan a “Cease and Desist” order to pull down their interview due to there being “classified info in it. 


CANSOF also added to their argument that the videos and photos Dallas Alexander shared were the property of the King of England! Does anyone at CANSOF read history books about America? Responding violently to threats by a King is kind of their thing over there. Or did anyone think to ask what international law would back up their limp-wristed letter to a foreign citizen?


The Lawyer Letters


If you paid any attention to the interview with Dallas, you would likely think, “hey, JTF2 is pretty kick ass.”

He had nothing but good things to say. 

Except when it came to how he was bullied and treated like a pariah when he decided he wasn’t going to play the COVID charade game. 

It’s clear, the CAF/CANSOF is trying to silence their fuck up with their COVID policy. It was wrong and in my opinion, unlawful. They kicked one of our country’s best warriors out for it. And they wonder why they have a recruiting and retention problem.

Important side note…Dallas Alexander is native and appealed to his chain of command for a religious exemption from the vaccine mandates. They wouldn’t even hear it. Talk about social justice and inclusion at work eh? I guess inclusion and “wokeness” is only for those that agree with your politics.

I’m glad to see that the episode, which was voluntarily pulled by Shawn Ryan, is back up and free to watch. 

Make your own conclusions but don’t miss this story that’s still unfolding. 

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