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Stuart Scheller

LCol (ret’d) Stuart Scheller blew up the internet last year when he decided to publicly criticize his Marine Corps chain of command in a Facebook video; while in uniform!
As you can imagine, the internet exploded.

Kelly Starrett

Dr. Kelly Starrett is back on the podcast and it’s a banger! The big picture here is that the current medical establishment is not in the business of keeping you healthy. They are there to treat medical emergencies and we need to look at them as victims of the medical establishment.

Cynthia Thurlow

Cynthia Thurlow is a world-renowned expert on the topic of fasting. Her Tedx talk about intermittent fasting got 13M views on Youtube. Our conversation today focused on the fundamentals of how to incorporate fasting and what women need to be aware of, as opposed to men, when fasting.

Tim Turner & Ben Klick

Tim and Ben are two of Canada’s best snipers. Having won the International Combat Sniper Championship together, served as Pathfinders and as master snipers in Wainwright, they have a thing or two to say about shooting and mindset

Philip Ovadia

The good doctor and I are at it again and this time we devoted an entire hour to the topic of cholesterol. How did we get the understanding of what this tiny little molecule does, in our bodies, so wrong?

Healthy Kids & Physically Literacy | How To Help Them Grow Up Healthy & Strong

On this episode of The Hard To Kill Podcast,  I brought on guest Ryan Fahey, a part of the national nonprofit, Physical and Health Education Canada. Our conversation covers a range of topics, including the importance of physical literacy and raising healthy kids, the...

Would You Try Jiu Jitsu For A Year If It Was Free? with TJ “Blitz” Kreutzer

On this episode of The Hard To Kill Podcast, host Dave Morrow discusses the importance of gaining trust and embracing discomfort during jiu jitsu training with guest, TJ Kreutzer. Tj is a board member of the "We Defy Foundation" that seeks to help disabled veterans...

Building Resiliency: How Jiu Jitsu Helps Veterans Heal from Trauma

On this episode of The Hard To Kill Podcast, we explore the mental and physical benefits of practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and how jiu jitsu helps veterans dealing with trauma. Our guest, Dr. Gino Collura, draws upon his experience in neuroanthropology and combative...

Dr. Teimojin Tan: From Living in his Car to Successful Doctor, Entrepreneur and Contestant on “Alone” Season 9.

In this episode of the Hard to Kill podcast, host Dave Morrow interviews Dr. Temojin Tan, a repeat guest who was a contestant on Alone Season 9. Dr. Tan shares his journey from being a struggling doctor resident living in his car to becoming a successful practicing doctor and entrepreneur.

The 3 Things Every Soldier Needs To Know About Fitness & Health

Soldiers need to know how to keep themselves fit and healthy so we explored the 3 things every tactical athlete must know during our seminar at the Canadian Grenadier Guards. I spent a Tuesday night with coach LP explaining to soldiers of the Canadian Grenadier Guards...

The Canadian Government Doesn’t Want You To Know This Dirty Secret

Dallas Alexander is a former JTF2 sniper that has publicly stated that the COVID mandates were a joke and now he’s being censored by the CAF.

How To Use The Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss

I had the pleasure of talking with Ben Azadi on The Hard To Kill Podcast about the ketogenic diet. If you're keto-kurious, this chat is definitely for beginners but will also reveal some new insights for the keto diet expert. "We're stuck as sugar burners...We're...

Stuart Scheller Says Out Loud What We Think In Private

LCol (ret’d) Stuart Scheller blew up the internet last year when he decided to publicly criticize his Marine Corps chain of command in a Facebook video; while in uniform!   As you can imagine, the internet exploded. We sat down to chat about this, his push for...

Fuel Your Workouts With These Simple 7 Tips

Finding a way to fuel your workouts with these simple 7 tips is super beneficial. When we get into a new structure and routine, we all want to do things right to achieve our goals. We try to do everything at once and a lot of us have an « all or nothing » mentality....

Do These 5 Things In Your 40s To Boost Your Testosterone

It turns out getting fit and strong as f*ck is pretty straight forward. Do these 5 things in your 40s to boost your testosterone levels. I've been coaching veterans for a while now. Most are not out of shape but wondering why all their training efforts in the gym and...

Learn From A Delta Force Warrior How To Heal From PTSD

Tom Satterly is a retired Command Sgt Maj of the Delta Force. His 25 year career spans the entire War on Terror. He has fought in every major theatre of war including Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. During his time fighting in Somalia which turned out to be the...

The Hard To Kill Podcast Episode 117 – Nico Maier

Nico is an author and elite mindset performance coach for youth athletes in Australia.  He's coached numerous athletes that have reached the Olympics and pro sports in the U.S.  His most recent endeavour is his new book, The Decentralized Mind, which addresses how to...


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