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hrd2kill fitness program


Picking a good training program may be tricky. We get it. Sometimes it might be easier to chat with one our coaches to make the right decision to tailor your experience to your specific goals.

Want A Taste Of What Some Of Our Athletes Are Doing? Download Our 5 Days Of Brutal Home WODs.


The HRD2KILL Programs below are built with specific outcomes in mind. Op Tripod is your gateway drug to our methodology to get your ass moving again. Alpha Performance is designed for the warfighter with elite fitness goals. The BE.A.S.T. focuses on improving testosterone levels and entering beast mode for the grizzly veteran. The A.T.H.E.N.A. Program is the first program designed in Canada specifically for female veterans.

alpha program
This 3 month program is designed for the aspiring elite warfighter. You will be followed by our team of expert coaches and join a group of likeminded individuals. $285CAD
This program is designed to unleash the BEAST by stimulating more TESTOSTERONE production through the three pillars, which are: Strength Training, Nutrition & Stress Reduction. $275CAD
This 8 week program will improve your overall running speed and endurance. $49CAD
30 days, 30 minutes of effort per day to finally get back to taking care of your health, losing weight and establishing your PT habit. Consistency is KING $49CAD/week
A training plan meant for military professionals that have limited to no prior experience with military style PT sessions. $180CAD
op tripod
This program will begin your transformation process and initiate a set of habit changes intended to get you into the upward spiral of greatness. These two weeks will focus on the three foundational habits, crucial to optimal health: Sleep, Exercise and Nutrition. $27.99CAD
No gym? No problem! Stay fit. Workout at home and maintain your strength and cardiovascular fitness with this bodyweight-only program. $49CAD

Hard To Kill Books

nimble warrior
The definitive guide for all warfighters to prevent injury or help recover from one. Discover the secrets to reduce back, knee and shoulder pain. $10.99USD
The FIRST program specifically dedicated and designed for female veterans. Learn the fundamentals of Canada’s first program of its kind with a 60 days of workout programming. $8.99USD