pat burkhardWe fitness people like to get fancy. We like to give exercises complicated names but all we really need is a kettlebell and some basic movements. We like to tell you that you need 1800 different tools to get a good workout in. You need complicated machines, stability balls, giant elastic bands, digital tracking devices, food scales, macros counters, mobility tools, special shoes, a new haircut, personal videographer and of course pay us ALL of your money or you are NEVER going to have a chance at getting strong and fit!

The Single Best Investment

The fitness industry is huge and it is easy to sell something when you bill it as THE SOLUTION to everyone’s problem. Throw a bunch of shit against a wall and something is going to stick right? All of my exaggerations aside, the design of a tool does govern its utility and some toys are worth the investment. Coaching is also a worthwhile investment and the fastest way to get yourself from point A to point B.

Life isn’t as complicated as it needs to be though and in these crazy times, when the gyms are closed, we are isolated and motivation to get moving is lacking, simplicity is our best friend. Enter the Kettlebell, one of the biggest bang for your buck tools to get yourself strong and fit. If you are relegated to training at home, this is the first tool I will tell you to invest your money in. Dollar for dollar it will get you the furthest and present the greatest diversity in terms of movements to challenge every aspect of your physicality and fitness. Read one of my previous post on the importance of incorporating 3 Dimensional Training as well.

BIG 5 Movement Patterns

When it comes to movement, there are five essential movement patterns that you need to cover. Virtually all movements you will perform in the gym will be a derivative of these big 5. We are talking Push, Pull, Squat, Hinge, Carry. Pushing and pulling can be vertical or horizontal. Squatting will hit the quads and front of the body. Hinging will hit the posterior chain, the glutes, hammies and backside of the body. Carries work on your abdominal stability, you could also consider anti-rotation/rotation exercises like planks or twists to fit into this category.

SO, you’re stuck at home and don’t know how to kick your own ass and don’t have much to work with. Grab yourself a Kettlebell and follow this ass kicking BIG 5 KETTLEBELL WORKOUT. Make sure to warm yourself up first. For starter weights, I a recommend 16kg (35lb) for men and a 12kg (25lb) [ENTER “MORROW” for a 10% discount] kettlebell for women.


  • 3-5 rounds of the below circuit. Rest 1-2 minutes in between rounds or as needed.
  • Beginners – 10 reps of per movement (or 5 per side), 30 second of carry per arm
  • Experienced – 20 reps per movement (or 10 per side), 1 minutes of carry per arm
  • See video links for advanced variations of each exercise

The Movements

  1. HINGE: Kettlebell Deadlift
  2. PRESS: Overhead Press
  3. SQUAT: Goblet Squat
  4. PULL: Single Arm Row
  5. CARRY: Single Arm Carry

This circuit will cover the big 5 basic movement patterns, delivering a full body workout that is sure to challenge everyone from beginners to the more advanced. Focus on control first and intensity (Weight/Speed/Volume) second. Now go kick some ass and let us know what you thought!



Train Hard, Fight Easy



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Patrick Burkhard is the a Level 2 Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor, the Director of the Mace and Indian Club program for Agatsu Inc. and the head coach at the Agatsu Montreal Gym. He competes in both kettlebell sport as well as mace sport. He has had a passion for health and fitness since his youth and his mission is to inspire others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and use exercise as a means to better all aspects of their lives, making them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually stronger. You can connect with him on instagram @coach.burkhard 



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