COVID 19 Survival Strategies

It would be unfitting, nay, irresponsible for me to not write about COVID 19 survival strategies during the pandemic. All my talk about being hard to kill would be just a clever tag line a came up with on a run one day.

Alas, the day has come to see if I’m worth my mettle.

I present, in this video post, the absolute essentials for long-term survival. Rest assured, this advice will not PREVENT you from contracting COVID 19 but will bring you down the path of being hard to kill.

COVID 19 Survival Strategie

This is the name of the game these days.

Viruses love a weak host. Compromised immune systems occur due to years of poor nutrition and subsequent chronic inflammation and the health consequences that come with it, namely:

  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • high blood pressure

Don’t lose hope. Odds are you will not be infected by this virus assuming you take the proper precautions like staying at home, washing your hands, keeping your social distancing standard and not licking toilet seats like this ding dong (why are they always from Florida?)

The following are your survival strategies, moving forward:

Wash Your Hands

This is better than using hand sanitizer since soap acts on the lipid bi-layer that is all over our skin and essentially makes water wetter (if that makes sense). Any active virus that is residing in small droplets on your hands will be more easily washed away with soap and water than with ethanol based sanitizer. The sanitizer acts as a disinfectant (which is still effective) and good if you’re not near a sink.

Keep Your Distance

A minimum of 1 meter distance is recommended since this virus is crazy contagious and can be spread through droplets leaving someone’s mouth or nose. However, it has not shown signs that it aerosolizes so it’s not as contagious as the measles but, nevertheless, can reside on a surface for quite some time before it dies. Best bet is to just sit tight and wait this out at home, as suggested.

No More Sugar

This isn’t a cure by any means. It’s just good long term advice. Refined sugar is very high on the glycemic index. It should be avoided since, in chronic, high dose consumption over many years can lead to the obvious (diabetes, fatty liver disease, obesity). Sugar creates an inflammation response in the body and if this becomes chronic, will disrupt your hormonal balance and leave you compromised for serious complications from COVID 19.

Eat Nutrient Dense Foods

Pay The Farm Now Or Pay The Pharm Later

Does the food you eat have the highest nutrient density possible? Assuming you eat meat, where does your meat come from? Is its omega fatty acid profile good? Is it free of hormones and antibiotics? Think of the food you eat as an investment with the payout 30 years from now. That’s why I pay for high quality grass fed, grass finished beef to the local farm now so that I don’t have to pay BIG PHARMA for loads of pills later. Make sense?

Train Hard, Fight Easy

I say it all the time but being physically strong is a great indicator of health. We don’t see fat, unhealthy lions do we? They’re strong and proud, they have to be, and so do you! Take the time, everyday, to push, pull or carry something. You’ll bullet proof your joints and tissues (not literally) and regulate your hormones. This is what we’re designed to do, not sit at a desk writing TPS reports. Make it happen!

I’m sending you my most positive vibes in this very interesting time. Remember, this too shall pass and the important thing is that we learn from this experience.

As always…

Train Hard, Fight Easy

Dave is a retired infantry officer and Afghanistan war veteran. He’s the creator of the HRD2KILL training program that was built on the principles that got him from not being able to get out of bed to competing in the Crossfit Open, Spartan Races and the Montreal Gaelic Athletics Association. You can find more mobility based exercises in his new book, “The Nimble Warrior”, now available on Apple Books and Amazon or tune into his new HRD2KILL Podcast


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